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 Tornado Saferooms by Providence Storm Shelters have been designed and engineered to SURPASS FEMA 320/361 guidelines, and ICC 500 specifications.  They are manufactured to the HIGHEST STANDARDS of quality: 
  • HEAVY 1/4" STEEL reinforced construction 
  • Illuminated Keypad Deadbolt now available as an option 
  • Door opens inward-you won't be trapped
  • Three 1" round Super Heavy-Duty inside door locking bolts
  • Handicap accessible door- no stairs to climb down!
  • Baked-on powder coat finish
  • ICC-500 Hurricane rated
  • Available in multiple sizes 
  • Anchored to your concrete slab floor
  • Multiple installation options
  • Extra-reinforced roof
  • Surpasses FEMA 320/361 specs for EF-5 tornado safety
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 Keypad Deadbolt available for all standup  shelters
Providence Storm Shelters proudly offers 100% Steel ABOVE Ground Storm Shelters. 
 Extraordinarily well-designed and built to protect you from the most powerful tornadoes and storms. Including those rated EF-5!  

Many claim to offer "the best shelter". Providence Storm Shelters urges you to compare, and find out why so many choose Providence to protect themselves and their families!  
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"Always hope for the best, 
           but be prepared for the worst." 
Debris impact testing at the Wind Science Research Center at
TWICE THE SHELTER! Our saferooms are super-reinforced, and have as much as twice or more structural reinforcement than most others.
Each above-ground saferoom is anchored into your concrete at least 14 times (depending on shelter size); We use Simpson brand Titan HD Screw Wedge anchors. 
Each anchor has up to 19,000 lbs of shear strength. The anchors are torqued in, securing the safe room from Mother Nature's fury.
The door is the most important part of a shelter. All of the doors on our safe rooms are 100% 1/4" reinforced steel. 
Each door weighs nearly 500 POUNDS!. 
But with the 8" grease-filled barrel hinges, the door can be opened and closed with ease
Over and above. Added structural reinforcement to take heavy debris from above, such as trees, house collapse, etc.
Structural Reinforcement
"It's what's inside.."
Installation  Options.
Door Construction
Exclusive reinforced roof for added protection 
New Construction Installation

 The spacious design of our Safe Room is the answer! 
"Don't go out into the storm, 
          to get away from the storm". 
Need a larger, more secure place to secure your gun collection? Dual-Purpose
                    Safe  Rooms! 
Customized High-Security Safes you can walk into!

Safe Rooms    Tornado Shelters    Walk-in Gun Vaults    


Let Providence custom build a storm shelter for your new home! 
Custom sizes, interiors and security for all your needs
Custom built in our shop
Installation during construction
High-security vault 
Hidden behind wall
Endless interior designs
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TAKE A CLOSER LOOK.   From a distance they all look the same, right? Our STORM SHELTERS are engineered and designed to not only protect you from the impact of smaller debris such as  2 x 4's, but heavy-weight objects such as a vehicle slamming into the front or sides, a tree falling on the top, etc. They are built like no other. Super-reinforced, carefully built, aesthetically pleasing.  
  • Actually CREATES usable space in your garage
  • Protects you and your family from the strongest of TORNADOES, HOME INVASIONS AND THEFT
  • Built with the same reinforced design as our large safe rooms
  • 1/4" Plate Steel
  • Heavily reinforced
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, and 12 ft. widths
No room for a safe room? 
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